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About Us

Welcome to Oppeo Acoustics, your best?acoustic and aesthetic solutions!

Not like traditional companies, from the humble beginning, Oppeo business are not limited in supplying, manufacturing, but more eyes on R&D,innovation and integrated system resources solution. “Better your life” is our company philosophy. All our staffs are young with full passion and with same sense of worth, also possessing abundant experience with design, sales, technology craft. Our aim is to provide excellent sound and elegant materials for life and working environment. All materials are environment friendly which meet the demand of beauty life…

Why Choose Us ?

Our exclusive advantages make us the best choice of you.

High Quality

Quality is the life of company.?We take very strict QC from raw materials, manufacturing to packing, loading.

Perfect Service

7×24 hours service is available to bring quickest reponses to all our esteemed customers.

Competitive Price

Cost efficient materials will be sumbitted to maximum meet your demands without quality level loss.

Quick Delivery

Time is very important for winning the market, quickest delivery will be given upon orders.


We aim?to build long time stable cooperation, quality warranty and promise will?go to rest your hearts.

Integrated Solutions

We not only supply standard products, ODM and OEM will be available with multiple choice.

Main Products

  • acoustic coverings

    Acoustic Felt, is made of 100% polyester material.?It ?is ?widely ?used ?as ?surface ?covering ?for ?sound?absorption function and elegant decorative effect.

  • Polyester fiber acoustic panel

    Oppeo? Acoustic Solutions absorb internal and external sound influences reducing the noise level in a room. People feel more comfortable in the environment, being able to converse freely, experience better speech intelligibility and don’t have to fight to be heard. Oppeo? offers all of these benefits in a range of colors and applications, sure to enhance your space.

  • Acoustic absorber

    Acoustic sound absorber, also called soundwave3D panel, is 100% made of polyester felt with hot?press technology to achieve different kind of shapes.?It not only takes full use of the original performances?of polyester, but also brings new style and elegant?decorative appearance.

  • Acoustic desk screen panel

    The diversity of screen panel with acoustic performance as well as colorful design will be strong trend. Polyester fiber acoustic board will be good materials in this application, there have been many successful cases from our customers.


Polyester acoustic cloud
It is one kind of 3D panel, made of polyester fiber panels, to get elegant looking
PET acoustic screen
Screen is the main application with?PET panel, which bring quiet and relaxing?working space
Acoustic baffle
Not like traditional fiberglass, polyester bring 100% environment freindly ceiling


We have been supplying?most excellent products and services to worldwide partners.


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